I have been a diver for over 10 years and have made more than 400 dives. I am currently certified in: Advanced Nitrox, Extended Range, Deco Procedures, Advanced Trimix and Full Cave. I have been diving in everything from a murky river in North Carolina, the cold waters of San Diego, a flooded mine in Finland, the Great Barrier reef, and the historic wrecks of Truk Lagoon. I equally love rusty shipwrecks, crystal clear caves, and critter watching in the ocean.

  • I work with the Scuba Diver Girls writing articles and testing out recreational and technical scuba gear for diving manufactures.
  • I’ve gone on marketing trip with Suunto and OTS to help promote their brand.
  • In 2011 I became the 47th female to dive the Andrea Doria.

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