2017 – let’s do this!

It’s January (and my Christmas tree is still up) so therefore I can still declare my new years resolutions…fair?!?

2016 in review

  • I gave birth to James Thomas in March and mommy-hood is AMAZING but exhausting.
  • We bought our first house and it’s single family, unattached and we LOVE IT
  • I went diving 2x….slowly making a return
  • Celebrated 6 years of marriage and our babymoon at Duck Beach

New years resolutions –

I have one big one and it’s a daily challenge but so far 3 weeks in i’m doing pretty well – “Live a simpler life”. Michael is an aggressive saver which I am terrible at but I want to support him. We have a lot of new expenses with daycare, new home mortgage, student loans, etc….there isn’t a lot of room for a lot of extras. I also want to be less material, I sometimes feel buried in “stuff” and although I’m a sucker for cute workout clothes, new gadgets, decorations, toys, etc….I’d much rather save some pennies and go on a cool trip. Experiences over material objects. Obviously, I’m not going to deprive James of the occasional new toy or cute outfit but I want to be less impulsive. I am a pro at online shopping, I love to get packages, I used to have my CC memorized but i’m trying to be good. We have some grand plans and eventually want another kid (or two) and want to be smart with our future. So, buy less, enjoy what we have and spend our money on memories and not material objects.

Return to blogging – ok, so 2016….wow, what a year! I put blogging on a back burner (5 posts in a year is officially considered a hiatus) to try and soak up as much as possible. Frankly, at the end of the day, after work, dinner prep, dishes, pumping, laundry – if I was lucky a workout – I just wanted to check out (and/or check instagram) and either sleep or zone in front of a 30 minute TV show. I’m slowly getting back on top of things and returning to blogging is high on the list cause I miss it! So, I changed up the layout a little, refreshed some pages and have some posts lined up.

Regain a fitness/healthy eating routine – it’s a constant battle for me and so I want to set my intentions to be more mindful, make less excuses and be the best me possible.

So, there you have it – 2017 – let’s do this!

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