I miss blogging….

When I started this little blog back March of 2012, I thought it would be a little phase but here I am 4.5 years later and although I don’t post often, I still love my little space on the internet.

So much has happened since a little tiny human entered our world *almost* 6 months ago. He completely flipped our world upside down and has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives. We are completely smitten and Michael and I often fight over who gets to snuggle him :0). I wanted to blog about navigating first time motherhood but I didn’t want to take away any time with my little one and frankly, after he was asleep, sitting down at the computer was the LAST thing I wanted to or needed to do. Throw in house hunting, a big move, unpacking, full time job, dishes, bottles, pumping, keeping a tiny human alive and a house in order and well blogging got put on a back burner (or more likely stuffed on that top shelf in the cabinet that you have to get a stool to reach and dust off). Now that our house is mostly unpacked and we have a routine (or whatever semblance of a routine one can have with a child) down I feel like I am coming back to reality a bit.

I am now back to running 3x/week, getting almost an uninterrupted night of sleep (down to 1x/night feeding), working full time, scuba diving and starting to feel like my old self again and part of that is expressing myself through writing so I am super happy to be back. Thanks for your patience and get ready for baby photo OVERLOAD!


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